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Ace Hall Effect Mechanical Switch, A Bounce-Free Switch Unlike Any Other

Most keyboards on the market use a rubber dome and membranes, a physical switch, or a capacitance sensor to detect key position.

Ace Hall effect mechanical switch uses magnets. Our team started on working on Hall effect mechanical switch since late 2014, and it's a  

mature switch until now. We're proud that we brought it to the market.

Compared to a mechanical switch, the Hall sensor is inherently bounce free, water resistant, and it offers short response time. Key action is

linear or clicky/tactile and super smooth because there are no contacts being brought together. Plus, since there are no contacts to wear out, the keys will last a lifetime (or as long as the magnet stays strong and the plastics don't wear out).

Additional Design Features

The Hall Effect board is covered from head to toe in epoxy coating, meaning it's weatherproof and water resistant. As for backlighting, it's       outfitted with an oven-soldered circuit board with a host of colorful modes to set the tone for your setup. Plus, each key is LED customizable to your exacting standards. PBT double shot shine-through keycaps and other different keycaps help further illuminate the keyboard.


1. Layout: 108- key ANSI, 104-key ANSI, 87-key ANSI, or 61-key ANSI, 120 key, 108 key and 98 key are also available.

2. Body material: CNC bamboo, acrylic, or Chinese Red Wood;

3. Keycaps: PBT + POM double shot, CNC bamboo or arcylic with backlight compatibility, Cherry MX mount

4. Spring weight: 50 g (about 35 g actuation) or 70 g (about 50 g actuation)

5. Actuation point: 1.8 – 2 mm

6. Key travel: 4 mm

7. Backlighting: Full RGB backlighting with surface mount LEDs and a variety of patterns

8. High-frequency, silent PWM brightness control

9. Key sliders: POM slider with upstroke damping in polycarbonate housing (provisions for click and tactile leaves in future revisions)

10. Interface: Mini USB

11. Stabilizers: Integrated Cherry style key stabilizers with updated design to reduce binding

12. PCB assembly: surface mount

13. Compatible with most Cherry MX mount key caps (including all Tai-Hao, Vortex, GMK, and Signature Plastics)

14: more than 20KRO